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Kyushu Briefing Issue 170


Kyushu Briefing Issue 170


  [Work dynamics]

  Carry forward the "Kyushu spirit and create another Kyushu cause


The development and growth of the enterprise is made up of countless entrepreneurial history. The footprints of Jindi Kyushu people's hard work, one by one, they are struggling to develop and interpret the grand melody of enterprise change. Looking back at the glorious course of Kyushu Pharmaceutical, and the spirit of Kyushu in the triumph of the company, it is a history of entrepreneurship that does not forget the original heart, keeps in mind the mission, and never stops to re-start the business. This history of entrepreneurship and struggle records the journey of Kyushu people's care for life and carefully crafted medicines. It engraves the footsteps of Kyushu's transformation and upgrading to create pharmaceutical brand-name enterprises.

"In order to have more sacrifices, dare to change the sun and the moon for a new day." The hard work and struggle of the Kyushu people for more than ten years has experienced the glory of the industry giants in the north of the 1990s and the magnificent construction of the Tangyin Industrial Park in the early 20th century. It has produced a cooperation that is in line with the actual situation of Kyushu Pharmaceutical. The new development path of production and management has formed a focus on the transformation and development of Kyushu's pharmaceutical industry, and the cooperation and win-win production and management model has laid a solid foundation for the realization of the goal of building well-known brand enterprises and pharmaceutical bases.

There is no smooth road to Pingchuan on the road ahead. From entrepreneurship to re-starting, Kyushu people have consistently practiced their initial intentions and fulfilled their missions, nurtured and formed a unique Kyushu spirit and compliance production and management philosophy. Entrepreneurship is difficult, it is difficult to defend, and it is even harder to start a business. In front of the great cause, everything is new, and it needs to be opened up and created. The Kyushu people are now engaged in the process of cooperative production and management, and the three-step strategic plan to 2035 is an unprecedented pioneering work of Kyushu Pharmaceutical. There is no ready-made model and experience to learn from, and each step of strategic planning takes three steps. One step is to start a business. In the mountain roads where the industry has never been involved, every height of climbing is re-starting.

The spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party and Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics have pointed out the way forward for us to start a new business. Whether promoting the "three major changes", achieving high-quality development, or building a modern economic system, whether it is industrial transformation and upgrading, or achieving sustainable development, Kyushu people are faced with new issues, and there are still many needs on the road ahead. Conquer the puzzle. The world created by innovation is infinitely vast, and the call of Cui Zheng is as close as a sound-----re-starting. "In the circle of Wanshan, a mountain releases a mountain." On the journey of advancing the three-step strategy, the difficulties and challenges are like a dangerous peak and a gully in front of us. Overcoming risks and overcoming challenges are both undertakings and entrepreneurship. The three main responsibilities of quality, environmental protection and safety must always be on the shoulders. The lack of innovative technology research and development capabilities and talent shortage is a short-term solution that we need to solve urgently. We only have to remain awake and worried, determined and courageous. Only by grasping the short board and solidly reinforcing the bottom plate can we still be strong and hard, and the clouds will still be calm.

Every word of "re-starting a business" is full of profound meaning. This "re-existence" means continuous innovation and continuous efforts; this "creation" means that the word "head" and the new word take the lead and struggle in it; this "industry" is the size and performance of each of Kyushu Pharmaceuticals. The party and the people's cause and the great rejuvenation dream of the Chinese nation. Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, and China's development is in a period of great historical opportunity. A generation has a generation of people, a generation has a generation of mission. The new era is the era of the strugglers. "Happiness is all struggling." Kyushu people should take on the mission, seize the opportunity, create a happy life with hard work, and realize the true meaning of happiness in the unremitting struggle, adding new meaning to the dream of Kyushu. Rongguang.

Entering into a new era, we will start a new business in the future. Kyushu people must carry forward the "Kyushu spirit", always maintain the courage to dare to be the first, the courage to overcome difficulties, the spirit of innovation and innovation, and vigorous vitality. We must have the real strength to grasp, the strength to dare to grasp, the cleverness of good grasp, and the tenacity that we often grasp.

For the dream of Kyushu to take off and continue to start a business, it is like a new voyage. After all the hardships and the storms, we have seen the morning light on the other side of the horizon. On this ship, you don’t have the passengers you are sitting on, and you are not a spectator. You, me, him, Jindi Kyushu, everyone is a paddler, a fighter, only shouting the same number, in the same direction. In the same boat, the tide of water and water, can strive to sail to the front of the dream. Recalling the past, the age is thick. With a few winds and rains and a few glory, the Kyushu people have created one miracle after another. Look at the present, and strive to enter the road. Infinite world, unlimited scenery, we will win one victory after another. Waiting until the idealization of Kyushu's soaring, the motherland is modernized in 2035, we can comfortably say to ourselves, proudly said to the company, proudly said to future generations: We are the entrepreneurs of Kyushu Soaring!

  Company Party Office: Li Zhiping

  [Production management]

  Practice points of on-site management of raw material drug production workshop


The implementation of the new version of GMP puts forward higher requirements for on-site GMP management of the raw material drug production workshop. Based on the requirements of the new GMP, combined with the actual production of raw material drugs, I briefly enumerated the practical points of the raw material drug production workshop in the field of GMP management. Provide reference for the continuous improvement of GMP management level in the raw material production workshop:

First, improve environmental management requirements. The ground of the raw material drug production workshop needs to be clean and tidy, with no water, smooth roads, clear identification of pipelines and equipment, and the production environment needs to meet relevant setting requirements. Of course, it is also necessary to eliminate the situation of “dirty and messy” on the production site, and do a good job of 6S and fixed positioning management to ensure that the production environment meets the requirements. Second, it is necessary to develop a sound production management system. In the production process, the production workshop needs to have a sound operation management system, including the process specification, post SOP, cleaning SOP and safety and environmental protection procedures. At the same time, the operator must have certain qualifications, can effectively operate the equipment, ensure the effective operation of the equipment, can be qualified for the production of pharmaceuticals through training, and can understand the requirements of GMP regulations. Third, improve the management of facilities and equipment. The equipment and facilities in the raw material production workshop are an important part of ensuring the quality of the products. In the process of production, it is necessary to formulate operational, maintenance, and maintenance procedures for equipment and facilities, so as to ensure that equipment facilities can be effectively operated during actual use, and the production process is guaranteed. At the same time, in the production process, the equipment operation needs to establish various effective records and operation and maintenance accounts, and carry out corresponding maintenance work in combination with the post requirements. Establish an effective management file, and hang the logo to indicate its operating status, effectively isolate the facilities that have been shut down, and remove the production site in time for those applications that have been scrapped. Fourth, improve logistics management. It is necessary to carry out quantitative and fixed management according to the flow of material in the production workshop, so as to minimize the inefficient and inefficient material flow consumption and use the pipeline as much as possible for closed transportation. On the one hand, it guarantees safety and at the same time effectively avoids pollution and cross-contamination. Fifth, establish management of diversified production links. Material balance and equipment matching are important basis for on-site management of APIs. It is necessary to require on-site process technology and labor organization to be scientific, post responsibility should be in place, and production conditions must meet process and technical requirements, based on process technology and quality. Equipped with effective equipment and facilities to ensure effective production efficiency.

GMP is a dynamic process of continuous improvement and improvement. The on-site GMP management details of the API manufacturing workshop are the cornerstone of the entire GMP system. Good production site detail management is the key to reducing the quality risk of the final drug. Therefore, as long as the raw material drug manufacturers can consolidate the basic work, start from the details, and adhere to the production process quality management and risk control, we will be able to produce safe and effective high-quality drugs.

  Technical Department: Cao Junhua

  [Financial Management]

  How to do fine financial management


Enterprise financial management is based on the objective financial activities and financial relationships of enterprises in the production process, and is an important task in the production management of enterprises.

Doing a good job in financial management is focused on refinement. The requirements of refinement: First, it must be based on management, in line with the enterprise management system, and optimize financial management methods; Second, it must be based on “fine”, to achieve nuanced financial management and improve financial management efficiency; Based on the optimization of financial management, we will scientifically manage financial management and effectively serve the development of enterprises. In view of the above points, combined with the actual situation of the company, how to do a good job of financial refinement management, improve the level of financial management, and effectively serve the enterprise, in the true sense, be a good company "housekeeper".

How to make financial refinement management play its key role, first of all must do the following: First, financial staff should have basic qualities and knowledge, management, control and other capabilities.

The staff of the finance department should have a good moral quality. When engaging in financial management, they should always remind themselves to improve their moral literacy and understand the importance of moral literacy. Knowledge is power and wealth. Financial personnel should diligently study the new accounting system and learn new knowledge. Only by knowing comprehensive accounting knowledge can they be better and be invincible. Moreover, the profession of accounting is not limited to simple bookkeeping, accounting, auditing and reporting. Usually, you should ask more and practice more, accumulate practical experience, understand various policies in a timely manner, broaden your knowledge, pay attention to flexible use, and gradually achieve precision. Accounting; management is an eternal theme. Accounting personnel must complete the transformation of roles. From the assistance of past accounting personnel to business operations, the aggregation and analysis of business results, to the creation of value for business operations, the understanding must be understood. The Finance Department is a service department that serves the two systems of supply and marketing and production. It works better with the two systems to achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation between the company and the supply and marketing companies. As an accountant, it should have internal control. Control ability, analytical ability, processing ability, and communication ability. Our company departments are closely linked, with a detailed management model, and require accountants to be good at finding problems, asking questions, solving problems, and courageously undertaking internal corporate norms. Work on the establishment and implementation of the system, put forward rationalization proposals, and put the most sensitive links and posts System in the controllable range, to ensure that company property and resources against waste and loss.

Second, to strengthen the cohesiveness of the department and cultivate team spirit, there will be more than half the effect: one department is like a home, and the family and everything can be prosperous. The lack of cohesiveness in the finance department lacks the prerequisites for achieving the goal and improving financial management. The size and presence of cohesiveness are related to whether the employees of the department can closely focus on the goal and achieve the goal. To strengthen cohesiveness, we must adhere to the people-oriented approach, and there are many ways to enhance employee cohesion. It is not limited to the satisfaction of material conditions: 1. Managers should be good at talking with employees, understand the inner world of employees, and help employees solve problems in work and life. To solve the worries of the future. To realize that you are a long-term leader, play a leading role. 2. Colleagues should be honest and honest, avoid needle tip to Maimang, use a tolerant heart, unite and help each other, be friendly, be helpful, be optimistic, learn from each other, and have no reservations for colleagues who need help. . 3. Employees must be dedicated to their work. The finance department is a special department with professionalism. They must be proficient in business, accept criticism and self-criticism humbly, understand the principle of being a person in advance, respect each other, and have dedication. Doing things that are detrimental to others, carrying a grateful heart, and giving full play to their professional level service enterprises.

Enterprises must develop, management should not only be the first, but also always. As the company's finance department, it is popular to manage the company's "finance" and "things". Therefore, financial management is an important part of enterprise management. It can penetrate into all fields and links of enterprises. It is directly related to the survival and development of enterprises. In a sense, financial management is the sustainable development of enterprises. A key to it. The refined financial management is an inevitable trend of modern management, and it is also in line with the refined requirements of our company's management level. With sufficient preparation and tough equipment, sincere unity, mutual trust, and mutual cooperation, the department will form a positive, united and powerful working atmosphere. "Three fences, three heroes," Unity, collaboration, unity, and synergy can achieve the same effect with half the effort, in order to achieve ultimate success.

  Finance Department: Ma Ling

  [Management field]

  One year is in spring


One year is in spring, and the antibiotic workshop is about to go into production in the spring. The antibiotic workshop has been refurbished for several months and has paid a lot, all of which will be verified in the spring.

Whether our contribution can be transformed into fruitful results is the quality of the product, the quality is the life of the enterprise, and the quality is the soul of the product. We must work hard on the main factors affecting product quality, such as people, machines, materials, law, and ring, in order to achieve the purpose of ensuring product quality.

Person: refers to the person who manufactures the product; the quality of the person determines the quality of the product. Our team has more new employees, and the old employees must do a good job of “passing, helping, and bringing”. New employees should study hard, master production skills as soon as possible, strictly enforce process discipline in the production process, and abide by safe operating procedures. Eliminate the impact on production and product quality due to mistakes.

Machine: refers to the equipment used to manufacture the product; the auxiliary equipment of the production equipment and the auxiliary tools such as the handy tools have a great impact on the production progress and product quality. The maintenance and reasonable use of the equipment is essential for production!

Material: refers to the raw materials used in the manufacture of the product; the workshop must strictly control the quality of the raw materials received. There is no good rice, and there is no good meal. Imagine using second-rate raw materials, how to produce first-class products. Of course, with first-class raw materials, we must also have first-class professionalism, first-class production skills, and first-class work attitude to create first-class products.

Law: refers to the method used to manufacture the product: whether the method used to manufacture the product in the production process is clear, fully understood, and carefully done. Whether there is a violation of the process, whether there is any violation of the rules. If there is an unreasonable method in the production practice, whether it can be found and reported to the workshop leader in time, and with the cooperation of the workshop, the method used to manufacture the product is improved.

Ring: Refers to the environment in which the product is manufactured. The impact of the production environment on production is also important. It is hard to imagine that production workers will have a positive attitude and good mood in a chaotic environment. The harsh environment can cause insecurities for the production staff, and the lack of security can be meticulous and meticulous. A pleasant environment makes it possible to produce a satisfying product. The stacking of items is well organized, the tools are placed neatly and orderly, and the operation is civilized to avoid unnecessary collisions. In short, a good production environment can evoke the passion of production and can ignite the spark of wisdom.

Big production is imminent, all members need to work hard! Don't let down the spring of 2018, the year is spring! If you miss it, there will be no spring!

  Antibiotic workshop: Wu Liuyi

  Only a career can make a wonderful

  At present, the nucleoside workshop is in a critical period of development. To achieve the great development of production and operation, it is necessary to adopt extraordinary measures to implement workshop work and promote production and operation. Faced with the development trend of the company's hundreds of battles, we must focus on hard work, strengthen implementation, and implement it with a sense of urgency to sit still, wait for, and be slow. In the new situation, new tasks, and new requirements, we still have problems and shortcomings such as insufficient liberation of ideas, lack of solidity in work style, insufficient work, insufficient spirits, and insufficient skills. We require all workshop staff to take the company's strong development as an opportunity to change the work style, strengthen the "dry" orientation, carry forward the "dry" spirit, create a "dry" atmosphere, implement the "dry" action, and work hard to eliminate the nucleoside workshop. Revitalize the new situation and work out the new situation of the nucleoside workshop. Take "heavy work, strong execution, and implementation" as a hard task. To do a good job in the implementation of various work in the workshop, it is necessary to strengthen performance appraisal, strengthen supervision and inspection, and let the workshop staff see the constant changes in the workshop and see the beautiful prospects of workshop production and management.

  Nucleoside workshop: Tongjiahong